Hello world!

Thank you for stopping by.  This page is (obviously) still under construction, but even when it’s complete, I don’t expect much content will be parked here.  I’m leaving it here because in times past it was a very active site, and some folks still look for it.  Please check out my other sites if you’re looking for my writing:

Hereticsquest.com:  Sample chapters, art work, in-depth behind-the-scenes articles, reader testimony, and all other things related to my Heretic’s Quest series of novels.

Hereticscribe.com:  Short stories, articles concerning the craft of writing, non fiction, poetry, and samples of freelance articles

Randomheadtrips.com: reviews of movies, books, video games, guns, outdoor gear, and anything else I happen to use; political, social, and religious commentary; humorous musings; and anything else I write that doesn’t fit somewhere else.